Alexander Kucera

Ok. Let’s see. I’ll be trying out posting to directly again for a while. Usually I post to my Kirby blog, but my workflow for that is just a bit convoluted. It might be nice to have a more immediate workflow for a change.

So…iPhone X eh? Interesting. 🙂

My BetterBack arrived yesterday and it is pretty great I must say.…

Sick in bed two days before I leave for FMX. Oh the joy.

Now that is live I guess I need to get my Kirby site in order. The hosted version @Manton provides is nice, but ideally I’d like to run this via my own site. Man. There simply isn’t enough day in a day for all my goals.

It’s here and it’s gorgeous!

First post. So exciting. I love what @manton built here. Is that how you mention someone? Probably not. Hehe. So much to learn.